Your view is determined by where you sit.

As a member of LaKesha’s Leadership Circle, everyone is considered a leader. Join at the level you feel most comfortable and promote yourself when you are ready to enhance your view of your life.


Executive Membership

The Sky is the Limit!

As a executive you are responsible and accountable for the results of the organization. In your life, you are operating as the executive and making proactive decisions about your future. At the executive membership level, a limited number of members will have access to personal and professional resources as well as opportunities to connect and grow with like-minded individuals. This level is ideal for members with a desire to get to the next level in their lives with the help of a coach and accountability partners.


Director Membership

Holy Conferencing!

Directors typically oversee a group of managers and have some input in the decision making of an organization. In our leadership circle, directors have access to tools and resources that help them make better decisions in their personal and professional lives. This level is ideal for members who have an idea of where they would like to go in their lives but need guidance to help solidify the plan and take the steps necessary to move forward.


Manager Membership

Team work makes the dream work!

Managers of organizations typically oversee a team of staff members. In our organization, managers receive training to help them not only identify their leadership skills and strengths but to also set long term goals and develop skills in areas where they may be weak. This level is ideal for the member who is trying to figure out the next steps in their life and would like to collaborate with other like-minded professionals.


Staff Membership

It’s just me, myself and I!

Every organization needs competent staff members. Although many consider leadership from the top down, we understand the power of the staff members in our organization and beyond. We provide weekly training to help those working to identify their leadership skills and strengths. This level is ideal for members for who aren’t sure whether they are ready to take the next steps in their personal or professional lives but would like to explore the possibilities available.


Do you have questions, comments, or concerns?

Contact us! We want to hear from you as we work to improve our organization and create more leaders at all levels.